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Universal instrument (surveying) Transit (surveying) Total station; Alidade; Alidade table; Plane table; Dumpy level; Tape (surveying) Measuring tape; Pole (surveying) Surveyor's chain; Engineer's chain; Level staff; Ramsden surveying instruments; Ranging rod; Prism (surveying) (corner cube retroreflector) Tripod (surveying) Prismatic compass ...


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A theodolite / θ iː ˈ ɒ d ə l aɪ t / is a precision optical instrument for measuring angles between designated visible points in the horizontal and vertical planes. The traditional use has been for land surveying, but they are also used extensively for building and infrastructure construction, and some specialized applications such as meteorology and rocket launching.


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How does survey equipment work? Surveying instruments calculate the angles and the distances between points. The data points collected from the surveyor tools are used to calculate the location of any point. Theodolites & transit levels can be used to measure angles while chains & tape measures can be used to calculate distances.


EngineerSupply was founded and started in 1999 with the idea of aggregating Engineering Supplies, Land Surveying Equipment, Drafting Supplies, Art Equipment, Industrial Equipment, and Construction Tools into one combined catalog. Internet technology allows a company like EngineerSupply to keep a catalog updated, but that alone is not enough...


Surveying Instruments Antique surveying instruments, including transits, theodolites, compasses, solar instruments and other forms of vintage surveying instruments hold a special interest for us. Our focus both in buying and selling these interesting scientific artifacts is primarily focused on antique surveying instruments of American origin.


Surveying Equipment and Surveying Instruments : Surveying Equipment Supplier. A leading manufacturer of accessories for land surveying, global positioning system, construction, monitoring and agriculture equipment, SECO engineers products to make professional field equipment more productive and efficient.


The transit and theodolite are used by the surveyor to measure both horizontal and vertical angles. While the purpose of the two is similar, as a general rule a theodolite is more accurate than a transit. However, there is no specific rule as to when one definition ends and the other begins.