The method used to transfer contacts from one cell phone to another depends on the type of phone, and the provider. The process takes up to a few minutes and involves downloading and then uploading contacts onto a sim ca... More » Technology Mobile

When a cell phone says that the "SIM card is full," this most likely this means that the SIM card has reached its maximum storage capacity. A user needs to delete contacts and text messages or upgrade to a larger SIM car... More »

You can transfer music to your smartphone using a USB data cable or using Bluetooth for a wireless transfer. Alternatively, you can save the music files to a micro SD card and insert it in your phone. More » Technology Mobile

To transfer contacts between two compatible AT&T phones, use AT&T's mobile transfer app. To start the transfer, text TRANSFER to 6565 on your old phone. Your phone then receives a link to the app download, after which yo... More » Technology Mobile

To backup the contacts on a cell phone, go to the Contacts application, tap the Menu button, select Import/Export and then choose the storage location. Although there are other ways to backup contacts on a cell phone, th... More » Technology Mobile

You can see infrared light and detect health problems through the digital camera on an Android phone and set up voicemail for contacts you do not want to talk to without manually screening every call. You can politely ig... More » Technology Mobile

You can recover your contacts through Facebook, the cloud, your Google account or simply by reaching out to your contacts in person. The appropriate method depends on which devices and services you have. More » Technology Mobile