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Learn how to take the train in Italy! Get on the right train with these step by step instructions by Nada Vergili of Nada's Italy.


Apr 24, 2021 ... Trenitalia, a train operator in Italy, has started a 'COVID-free', high-speed train service for the first time in Europe between Rome and ...


Jul 20, 2011 ... We've got a secret: The best way to get around Italy is by train. The Italian rail network connects just about every major city in Italy, runs ...


Feb 20, 2021 ... Travelling by train within Italy offers a wonderfully affordable slow, sustainable way to navigate the country's treasures.


High speed trains. Italo Treno NTV - Frecciarossa - Photo by: YMZK-Photo/ValeStock - Shutterstock. The Italian high-speed rail network allows moving easily ...


Dec 6, 2020 ... One could joke that the Frecciarossa is the only thing in Italy that runs on time — and it's true, more or less.


Sep 20, 2019 ... Whether you live in Italy or are just visiting, you'll probably use the country's railways sooner or later. Italian trains are mostly modern ...


Trains from Italy to Switzerland. There are quick direct trains from Milan and other Italian cities to various Swiss towns. Many high speed trains connect ...


From Venice to the Amalfi Coast and all the destinations in between, discover the best of Italy by train and gain a new perspective on what makes this ...


Train travel between cities in Italy is relaxing and blazing fast. Here's how to do it, so you can spend more time on vacation, and less time traveling.


Apr 17, 2021 ... ... first COVID-free, high-speed Fresciarossa train service on its non-stop route between Rome and Milan, the busiest train route in Italy.