A travel trailer VIN, or vehicle identification number, is a unique number consisting of 17 characters, and it identifies a travel trailer. VINs are instrumental in combating fraud, and they are the main way of identifyi... More »

Several model numbers of Dutchmen trailer parts are listed on a sticker on the coach. This lists the most common parts and their model numbers, and makes it easy to order the correct replacements directly from Dutchmen. More »

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Before 1981, auto manufacturers used a variety of vehicle numbering standards, if any at all, and could place them anywhere on the vehicle. Since 1981, vehicle identfication numbers have followed a single standard. As of... More »

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When selecting a travel trailer, consider the use of the trailer, such as the duration of a typical trip, the number of people attending the trip and the compatibility of the trailer with the vehicle that will haul the t... More »

To restore a Shasta travel trailer, examine and repair the exterior of the vehicle, apply paint to the exterior, and replace damaged plumbing and wiring. In addition, clean the trailer's interior, and remodel it as desir... More »

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When buying a used travel trailer, consider both the interior and exterior condition of the vehicle as well as its value as given in the Kelley Blue Book. Also, take into account how open and honest the seller is, if the... More »

The main advantages of a 5th Wheel over a travel trailer are more stability during towing, a more spacious interior and a shorter total length of tow vehicle and trailer together. 5th Wheels also have larger tanks and mo... More »