Trailer brakes work by activating a magnetic brake when the trailer receives a signal from the vehicle towing it. Simple trailers typically don't have brakes, but those that do must be attached to a vehicle with appropri... More » Vehicles

To install electric trailer brakes, first loosen the lug nuts on the tires using a tire iron. Use a car lift or a balanced jack to raise the trailer frame. Check to be sure that the trailer is stable before continuing wi... More » Vehicles Car Parts & Maintenance Brakes

Electric trailer brake systems work using electromagnets to force the brake shoes against the brake drum to slow the vehicle. They connect to the brake light switch, so pressing the brake pedal in the towing vehicle acti... More » Vehicles Car Parts & Maintenance Brakes
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Kawasaki scooters feature four-stroke single engines, adjustable brake levers, anti-tamper and anti-theft ignition switches, dual petal disc brakes and under-seat storage. Kawasaki offers J300 and J125 models of scooters... More » Vehicles

The trailer wiring colors are as follows: red is used for a battery, green is for the right-turn signal, yellow is for the left-turn signal, white is for the ground, brown is for the tail markers, blue is the brake light... More » Vehicles

The General RV dealership of North Canton, Ohio, provides services such as replacing brakes and bearings, general maintenance on horse, utility and most recreational vehicle trailers, insurance repairs and installment of... More » Vehicles

To get a used fifth wheel trailer appraised, access the NADA Guides website, and enter your ZIP code and the required details of the vehicle into the relevant boxes. The site provides three values of the vehicle that ref... More » Vehicles