Traditional Japanese food consists mainly of rice, miso soup, grilled or raw fish, pickled vegetables, noodles, battered and fried fish or vegetables, and fish or vegetables served in broth. Other ingredients may be eate... More » Food Food Facts Regional Cuisine

Some easy recipes for Japanese dishes include Grilled Japanese Eggplant from the Food Network, Japanese Cold Noodles from Epicurious, and Japanese Squash and Soba Noodle Soup from Martha Stewart. Many Japanese dishes uti... More » Food Cooking

A traditional Japanese tempura batter is made from equal parts white flour and ice water, plus one egg for each cup of water. Some recipes also include baking soda. The batter is used to coat vegetables and seafood befor... More » Food Cooking
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The main foods that the people of Madagascar eat include rice, beef, chicken, root vegetables and noodles. Rice is the main staple eaten at breakfast and other meals throughout the day. This can be accompanied by zebu, w... More » Food Food Facts Regional Cuisine

Traditional Polish dishes include stews and soups made from broth, meats and vegetables, pierogis, cucumber salad, fish, pork and other meats. Polish food is similar to Russian, Ukrainian and other Slavic countries' cuis... More » Geography Europe

Polish people make cereal grains such as buckwheat, rye, wheat and barley into dumplings, noodles and breads, which are often served alongside soups, meats and boiled or pickled vegetables. Polish food tends to be hearty... More » Food Food Facts Regional Cuisine

Common Lebanese foods consist of a wide variety of grains, fruits, vegetables and spices, such as rice, lamb, pita bread, melons and tangerines. Famous Lebanese preparations include "tabbouleh," a salad of cracked wheat ... More » Food Food Facts Regional Cuisine