Traditional German foods include a variety of schnitzels, or fried cutlets of meat; wursts, or sausages; spatzle, or small, noodle-like dumplings; and rolled pastries called strudels. Additionally, sauerbraten, which is ... More » Food Food Facts Regional Cuisine

Germans enjoy hearty meals at breakfast and lunch of cheese, sausage and bread or noodles, followed later by a lighter dinner. They also enjoy fast foods, such as bratwurst, burgers, pizza and French fries. More » Food Food Facts

The traditional Christmas dinner in Germany is roast poultry or game served with apple and sausage stuffing, potato dumplings and red cabbage. This is often followed by the German fruitcake, stollen. Gluhwein, which is m... More » World View Social Sciences Cultures & Traditions
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Popular Polish dishes include pierogi, a type of dumpling, golabki, stuffed cabbage rolls, bigos, a meat and cabbage stew, and kotlet schabowy, a breaded cutlet. Polish cuisine also features such popular deserts and past... More » Food Food Facts Regional Cuisine

Common Lebanese foods consist of a wide variety of grains, fruits, vegetables and spices, such as rice, lamb, pita bread, melons and tangerines. Famous Lebanese preparations include "tabbouleh," a salad of cracked wheat ... More » Food Food Facts Regional Cuisine

Typical French lunches and dinners feature some sort of meat entree consisting of beef, pork, poultry or game. Some classic dishes are coq au vin, cockerel in red wine; cassoulet, beans stewed with pork, mutton or duck; ... More » Food Food Facts Regional Cuisine

While modern-day Ojibwa eat some typical American dishes, the traditional cuisine of this Native American tribe includes corn, pumpkins and squash, as well as dried and smoked fish and meat. The Ojibwa use maple syrup as... More » Food Food Facts Regional Cuisine