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If you’ve been looking for authentic Polish recipes just like Babcia used to make, look no further! We’ve collected our favorite recipes into this list of Polish dishes that’ll transport your taste buds right back to the Old Country. Whether you’re planning a Polish dinner menu to serve at a special family gathering, or you’re just craving Polish cuisine, we have something you’ll ...


Traditional Polish food Typical for Polish cuisine are grain-based dishes – groats, breads and various flour dishes. Polish cuisine includes a relatively large amount of soups from local plants, such as beets, different types of cabbages, cucumbers, as well as wild plants like sorrel and nettle.


Traditional Polish Food – 18 Polish Dishes You Have to Try! 1. Befsztyk tatarski (beef tartare) Pronounced – bef-shtik tatar-skee This one is a little difficult for my fellow Brits to stomach, but beef tartare (sometimes spelled beef tartar) is one of my favourite traditional Polish foods.


This is one of the oldest Polish foods that dates back to the 19th century. Similar to a traditional Viennese schnitzel, it is the Polish variation of a fried pork cutlet. Made from pork tenderloin coated in breadcrumbs, it is typically served with buttered potatoes. Also read: When In Poland, Visit This Marvellous House That Stand On Its Roof. 8.


This is a very traditional Polish dish called “kopytka” (dumplings) made with honey sauerkraut. Dumplings are often present in Polish cuisine. In many homes, it was known as the ‘leftover’ dish, as it’s usually made from boiled potatoes leftover from lunch.


Traditional Polish fare is a blend of Slavic influences, while it also shares roots with French and Italian cuisines. At the turn of the second millennium, root vegetables, wild mushrooms and ...


A few pastry shops are bringing old classics back to life. At the same time, foreign sweets, such as brownies and muffins, crème brulée and fondants have found a lasting place in cafés in the country. Nevertheless, the average Pole remains more fond of traditional Polish pastries. Polish Food 101 ‒ Iconic Sweets


A fast-food treat from the depths of southern Poland, the zapiekanka is a filling, half baguette that’s topped with mounds of cheese, mushrooms and chives. After that, diners can choose whatever other extras they’d like, as the menus burst with everything from Greek feta cheese to smoky Polish blood sausage.


Polish Drinks — top 6 drinks from Poland. Here comes a list of modern and traditional Polish drinks. Under their descriptions you can find some authentic recipes. Going to visit Poland? Would you like to taste some delicious foods not choosing on spec? You are welcome. All Polish foods listed below constitute a typical Polish menu even nowadays.


The Spruce Pączki, also known as Polish doughnuts or Bismarcks, are always served on Fat Tuesday as a splurge food before the fast days of Lent begin.But these decadent fried cakes also appear on special occasions throughout the year. Pączki are made out of a yeast dough that is fried and can be filled with fruit preserves or compotes, sweet cheese, or left hollow and simply rolled in sugar ...