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Traditional Dresses of Jammu and Kashmir for Women: Irrespective of the religion, Kashmir bride is quite charming but more than their dress on the big day, it is their ornaments that grab the attention. The ornaments are splendid and there are also headgears which both men and woman wear. Women wear back laces and earnings.


The traditional clothing, gho, is actually required for men in Bhutan to wear if they work in the government or in schools. The women’s kira is an ankle length dress, clipped at the shoulders with brooches and usually has something to tie around the waist. Certain jackets and blouses are usually worn with this outfit called toego and wonju.


Traditional Nigerian Clothing. By Geoffrey Migiro on August 1 2019 in World Facts. Clothing for sale in Nigeria. Nigeria is the most populous African country with over 198,577,125 people. Nigeria has numerous ethnic groups, 527 languages, and over 1,150 dialects.


Traditional Korean Outfits: Korea’s traditional folk costumes and outfits leaves the visitors in awe.With a brilliant display of color, art, and style, Korean traditional portfolio has left many wide-eyed. Korean traditional outfits are collectively called Hanbok, which included everything from tops, undergarments, overcoats, headgear, shoes, and even hairpins.


Traditional clothing is an important part of a region’s history and identity. Some areas regard their national dress as an unofficial uniform, to be worn only on ceremonial occasions. In other societies, traditional clothing is mandatory for both men and women. The team at Escapade have been busy researching


A group of Kadazans in their traditional clothes . Kadazan is an indegenious ethnic group in Sabah, Malaysia. Their traditional attires are well conserved since their past Men: Their traditional dress is a jacket with golden designs, worn with trousers and a headgear known as siga. The siga is made of handwoven destar cloth.


Traditional clothing gives a sense of the traditions variety, it expresses the people's identity through the national costumes.Some people in the north used animal skins and pearls to show the beauty of the dress, Russian people hand painted linen fabric and sewed the blouses and sarafans and decorated them with the embroidery.. Traditional costumes are designed for holidays, carnivals and ...


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What traditional clothes do Australians wear? Depends on where in Australia one lives. Australia has almost the same land area as the USA, so it is huge and there is a lot of diversity. Here in Sydney in the Summer our traditional costume is thong...