A binary option is an option that has only two possible outcomes. Either the option expires in the money and results in a fixed compensation, or it expires out of the money and the trader loses his investment. The outcom... More » Business & Finance Investing

A binary options scam refers to a fraud perpetrated by websites that provide an opportunity to buy and trade binary options. The fraud relates to the refusal of such websites to credit customer accounts, in addition to i... More » Business & Finance Investing

Trading in options involves acquiring the right to sell (put) or to buy (call) an underlying asset over a set period of time. An investor has three ways of buying options, which are: waiting until maturity, trading befor... More » Business & Finance Investing
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Beginners looking to trade options should know about permissions from brokers, leveraging a security and how to view the option chain, reports James Highland for the Houston Chronicle. Options can protect against decline... More » Business & Finance Investing

Index funds are a good investment option, according to Kiplinger, as they have historically been more profitable than most actively managed funds. An index fund is a mutual fund with a portfolio designed to match the S&P... More » Business & Finance Investing

Some option trading basics for beginners include understanding what an option is, understanding some of the key terminology such as calls and puts, and understanding volatility, explains TradeKing. Other basics include t... More » Business & Finance Investing

Options trading is the act of buying and selling option contracts. Options are financial instruments whereby the seller gives the buyer the right to buy or sell a predetermined number of shares at a specified price withi... More » Business & Finance Investing