Cell phone tracking involves using the data from a phone's Global Positioning System, or GPS, or from cell phone towers the phone connects to in order to determine where the phone is physically located. Installing a trac... More » Technology Mobile

Cell phone call history is the record of incoming and outgoing calls made on a mobile phone or a smartphone device. Typically, cell phone call histories can be accessed through a menu on the device. More » Technology Mobile

Whether or not a cell phone is being tracked by an outside source is detectable by noticing if the phone is behaving oddly or if the battery runs down a lot faster than normal. Another way to tell is if there are unusual... More » Technology Mobile
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Streaming videos and music, video chat, downloading applications, sending or uploading photographs, and GPS navigation accompanied by map images all significantly add to cell phone data usage. Web browsing, email, instan... More » Technology Mobile

T-Mobile offers cell phone tracking services through its optional FamilyWhere program, which allows primary account holders to check the physical location of other phones within that account. The program is primarily des... More » Technology Mobile

The cheapest cell phone plan for voice and data is the Verizon More Everything Plan, starting at $80 monthly for 10GB of data and unlimited talk and text, as of 2015. For just talk and text, the cheapest plan is the Spri... More » Technology Mobile

The charges for a typical cell phone plan include charges for the plan itself, which may include air time for calls, text message costs, data rates and various fees along with federal and state taxes. A typical fee is on... More » Technology Mobile