You can trace the history of your house and property by utilizing records at public libraries and at county and city records offices. Libraries have several resources available for finding the history of a house, includi... More »

Research the history of your house by consulting government records, looking at its deed, talking to neighbors and researching its architectural style. Previous owners are also a good source of information. More » Business & Finance Real Estate

Find out about the past history of a home by checking with a local preservation officer, who can help find county archives, historical societies and state preservation trusts. Performing a deed trace can also yield infor... More » Business & Finance Real Estate

The address of a house can be used to look up its history in a variety of ways at public libraries, as well as city and county records offices. Public libraries feature several resources for finding out the history of a ... More »

The history of a house can be researched in city offices such as an historical preservation office, assessor's real estate office or office of the city clerk or at the public library. The research into a house's history ... More » Government & Politics Public Records

One way to find out who owns a property is to contact the county tax assessor and county recorder's offices. Some departments have websites that allow users to search by address, while others require a face-to-face visit... More »

Individuals can search the databases of state unclaimed property offices for unclaimed money by name through the Missing Money search engine of the National Association of Unclaimed Property Administrators. Various feder... More »