Children learn to print the letters of the alphabet by tracing letters and practicing the formation in a variety of ways. A child needs the strength and control in his hand to form the shapes of the letters. More » Education Writing

A person can obtain alphabet tracing pages for free online through a number of educational web pages, such as and The alphabet tracing pages available on these online resources include block l... More » Art & Literature Fine Art Drawing

Kidzone, Tlsbooks and School Sparks are three websites that offer tracing printables for free, and they're designed for kids in preschool and kindergarten. Many tracing printables are designed to help kids learn to write... More » Education K-12
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Some ways to help children learn the alphabet are to play alphabet games, point out letters when spotted in the environment, and celebrate letters of kids' names. Other ideas include reading alphabet books, playing alpha... More » Family Parenting

Fonts with fancy letters of the alphabet are available at and Both websites offer fonts that users upload. As such, each font has its own licensing terms. Users are not required to register ... More » Education Writing

Examples of situations for children to write friendly letters include letters from vacation, emails about school activities, invitation letters and letters to Santa Claus. A friendly letter includes a heading, greeting, ... More » Education Writing

When writing letters of encouragement to children, use specific language and personalize the reflections to specific behaviors, activities or efforts. Parents, teachers or friends can make the letters of encouragement co... More » Education Writing