Township and range maps are available on and on GeoCommunicator displays a map depicting the U.S. Public Land Survey System, while EarthPoint overlays this map onto Google Earth images ... More »

The Public Land Survey System publishes grid-like maps that break public lands down into 6-mile squares called townships, then subdivides each township into 36 1-mile squares called sections. Heavily populated sections a... More »

To read a township map of Ohio, examine the 36-section grid that is laid over the map; this grid typically measures six miles on each side. The north-south line running through the center of the square is called the Prin... More »

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Township maps are often available online at the website of individual townships, such as the detailed maps of the area offered by the Charter Township of Waterford in Michigan. State websites, such as the Pennsylvania Hi... More »

"Township," "range" and "section" are terms used in the Public Land Survey System to designate the location of land in relation to a baseline and Principal Meridian. "Township," with a capital "T," refers to the location... More »

People interested in viewing maps of Ohio townships can visit the website of the township they are interested in or the Ohio government's official website. As of March 2015, Ohio has 1,362 current and historictownships.T... More »

The U.S. Geological Survey publishes maps of townships, and the agency further divides townships in the Public Land Survey System into 36 sections of 1 square mile each. Cartographers subdivide these sections into quarte... More »