Drivers should raise the front wheels of front-wheel-drive vehicles with tow dollies while towing them to protect against transmission damage. Individuals should not raise the front wheels of rear-wheel- or all-wheel-dri... More »

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Remove the vehicle's front wheels, detach the pinion shaft from the steering column, detach the tie rods, unbolt the rack from the chassis and disconnect the fluid lines. Disconnect the rack from the steering column and ... More »

As of 2015, and eBay sell vehicle tow dollies. Master Tow Inc., a vehicle tow dolly manufacturer, allows customers to locate nearby dealers of its tow dollies on the company website, More »

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A vehicle is strapped to the sturdy frame of a tow dolly for easy transport. The front wheels of the towed vehicle are mounted, and the rear wheels of the towed vehicle remain on the ground. A tow dolly evenly distribute... More » Vehicles Car Parts & Maintenance