Some famous prayers found in the Bible include the Lord's Prayer, Jonah's prayer, Eliezer's prayer, the prayer of Jabez and Solomon's dedication prayer. There are also famous prayers in the book of Psalms and the first b... More » World View Religion The Bible

There are about 650 different prayers in the Bible but it is very difficult to get an exact number of how many times that the word "prayer" is referenced or mentioned in the Bible as every version is worded slightly diff... More »

The "Our Father," or the Lord's Prayer, is found in the Book of Matthew, 6:9-13, in the New Testament of Bible. A shorter, less developed version of the prayer is also found in the Book of Luke. Matthew's version is the ... More » World View Religion

Matthew 6:9-13 covers the Lord's Prayer, a model prayer demonstrated by Jesus Christ during his Sermon on the Mount. The first half of the prayer relates more to God and his plans, while the second half deals with person... More » World View Religion The Bible

In the Bible, Jedidiah is an alternative name for Solomon. Solomon was the son of King David and his wife, Bath-sheba. More »

Some of the most popular prayers that are shared online are from the Bible, such as "The Lord's Prayer" from Matthew 6:9-13, "The Twenty-Third Psalm" and "The Prayer of Jabez" from 1 Chronicles 4:10. Individuals share ot... More »

The Bible is full of encouraging verses like Philippians 4:5-6, stating: "Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace o... More » World View Religion The Bible