Total Gym is a training system that uses inclines and the body weight of the user in dynamic natural movement against gravity. Front-to-back, side-to-side and rotational motion are supported. The equipment is designed to... More »

The Total Gym workout system uses specific exercises that work out the abdominal muscles, arms, back, chest and legs. The Total Gym Exercises website features a wide range of workout exercises that target specific muscle... More »

The Total Gym provides a total body workout by combining resistance, cardio, and stretching in a single machine. Detailed workouts using the Total Gym can be found on the official Total Gym website by clicking on Exercis... More »

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The owner's manuals for each model contain equipment parts lists for each Total Gym model. Owner's manuals are available directly from Total Gym Fitness, LLC via telephone order or from the companyメs website. Huck Produc... More »