Some examples of tort law case summaries include Riss v. City of New York, Bird v. Jones and Gulf Refining Co. v. Williams, published by and Lawnix. Tort law involves civil cases stemming from a brea... More » Government & Politics Law

While tort law aims to compensate a victim, criminal law aims to punish a criminal. In addition, while individuals or organizations pursue tort cases, it is usually the government that pursues criminal cases. There are a... More » Government & Politics Law

The primary purpose of tort law in the United States is to redress imbalances caused by the actions or inaction of parties that have aggrieved others and somehow caused harm. The aggrieved parties have the right to seek ... More » Government & Politics Law
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The U.S. Supreme Court's decision in the 1975 Breed v. Jones case resulted in a win for the defendant. The court found the defendant was unfairly treated to two trials for the same offense. This double trial was deemed t... More » Government & Politics Law

To select a lawyer for a wrongful termination case, search for a lawyer with employment law experience through an online legal directory, a local legal clinic such as Legal Aid Society, or through a union or professional... More » Government & Politics Law

Motion for summary judgment forms typically include the court name, case information, a basic statement of the law allowing such motions and further sections relating some details of the case, as evidenced by the forms p... More » Government & Politics Law

In a court of law, a precedent is important because it gives the judges a base guideline to work from when deciding the outcome of a case. Many of the precedents laid down for the courts to follow have been around for ov... More » Government & Politics Law