When a tornado watch is issued, it means that conditions are conducive for the formation of tornadoes. A tornado watch covers a larger area, typically about 25,000 square miles over several hours, whereas a tornado warni... More » Science Weather & Tides Storms

A voluntary organization, also known as a voluntary association, is a group of people who spend their free time helping others without monetary compensation and do not make a profit from their activities. More » Business & Finance

Top TV channels in Albania include Top Channel, Vizion Plus, TV Klan, TVSH and Ora News, as of 2015. Other Albanian TV channels include ABC News, News 24, Channel One, A1 Report and TV Jug. More » Art & Literature
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Fire tornadoes form when combustible gases ignite in windy conditions. According to the Mother Nature Network, most fire tornadoes spawn from wildfires. The center of a fire tornado is a column of flaming gas up to 9 fee... More » Science Weather & Tides Storms

Strong warm updrafts carrying large amounts of moisture interacting with fast-moving cool, dry winds above cause tornadoes when the two air currents begin to swirl around each other and reorient toward the ground. The mo... More » Science Weather & Tides Storms

Tornado season varies depending on location, but most tornadoes appear during April, May and June. In the United States, southeastern regions tend to suffer the most tornado activity from February to April, while inciden... More » Science Weather & Tides Storms

All tornadoes are possible of causing damage to structural buildings and human life, explains Some tornadoes, depending on their size, cause catastrophic damage and major loss of lives. A large tornado... More » Science Weather & Tides Storms