articles offers a list of the top 100 charities in the United States, ranked by total giving. provides a list of 100 large top-rated charities. More » Business & Finance

Forbes evaluates a charity based on its charitable commitment, fundraising efficiency and donor dependency for a given year. These three quantifiable ratios assess a charity's overall financial efficiency. For its annual... More » Business & Finance

Charity Navigator is the largest charity evaluator in the United States. The organization researches over 8,000 charities as of March 2015, and new charities are being added on a regular basis. CharityWatch also provides... More » Business & Finance
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To donate furniture to a charity, identify the furniture to be donated, contact local charities, schedule a pick-up, and get a receipt from the charity. Donated furniture primarily goes to help low-income families. More » Business & Finance

The Salvation Army, Military Order of the Purple Heart Service Foundation and Vietnam Veterans of America are three charities that provide pick-up services. Individuals can visit the websites of these charities in order ... More » Business & Finance

Trucks and cars can be donated to various charities, including The Red Cross and the Humane Society of the United States. Cars and trucks can also be donated to help benefit veterans in need though Vets Vehicles and Vete... More » Business & Finance

Some places that used toys can be donated include charities, hospitals, daycares, shelters and doctors offices. Some charities that accept toys include Goodwill, Toys for Tots, the Ronald McDonald House, Second Chance To... More » Business & Finance