Tips for attracting a guy are to approach social situations in small groups of women and offer a genuine smile and eye contact during interaction with the guy, advises Cosmopolitan. In addition, it helps to saying positi... More » Health

The top 10 ways to stop smoking include nicotine-replacement therapy, avoiding triggers, delaying cravings and chewing on something, according to Mayo Clinic. Cravings can be intense but are often short-lived. More » Health

While there are many steps that government can take to help combat global warming, details 10 practices that individuals and households can adopt in order to reduce the amount of carbon they put into the atmosp... More » Science Environmental Science Conservation
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To know if a guy is flirting, look for a smile, a confident body stance, eye contact and special treatment compared to how he treats other women. In addition, a man that is flirting remembers what the woman says and find... More » Health

Some signs that a guy likes you can include blushing, smiling, maintaining eye contact and his body standing closer to yours when you are together. A man may also try to make himself seem taller or bigger when he sees yo... More » Health

To find women's social groups, search websites that list local clubs and groups, or contact local churches, libraries and neighborhoods for a list of groups. Examples of women's social groups include St. Olaf Church's Wo... More » World View Social Sciences

There are thousands of different quizzes online that are designed to "tell if a guy likes you," including Seventeen Magazine's test titled "How Do You Know if a Guy Likes You" and Cosmopolitan's "Are You in Love or Forci... More » Technology Internet & Networking