Some of the top-rated desserts by Food Network are Apple Brown Betty by Rhee Drummond and a chocolate bread pudding by Bobby Dean, as of March 2015. Other highly-rated desserts are Black Forest cupcakes by Sandra Lee and... More » Food Food Facts

A popular Nicaraguan dessert is called tres leches. Tres leches is made with sweetened condensed milk, evaporated milk and heavy cream and is a favorite in many Spanish-speaking countries. More » Food Cooking Desserts

A good recipe for a plum dessert is a plum tart. This recipe is easy to make and takes slightly more than an hour. It contains 2 pounds of ripe Italian prune plums and is enriched with walnuts. More » Food Cooking

A “best before” date on food tells consumers how long food will be at its best quality. While dating is not usually required by federal law except for infant formula, when such dates are used, they must include the month... More » Food Food Facts

Betty Crocker offers several recipes for desserts that use angel food cake. Two of the most highly rated of these recipes are the key lime coconut angel food cake and the two-ingredient pineapple angel food cake. More » Food Food Facts

Seaweed and derivatives of seaweed are used in many foods, including sushi, sauces, dressing, desserts, dairy products and soups. Fresh seaweed is also used in salads, stir fries and stews. More »

According to Natural Well Being, foods that contain polysaccharides include whole grains, bread, pastries, potatoes and desserts. Specific examples of polysaccharides in food include starch and glycogen.These polysacchar... More »