The Palmer Notation System is a method for numbering teeth that was created by Corydon Palmer, a practicing dentist from Ohio. This system was formerly known as the Zsigmondy system because a Hungarian dentist named Adol... More » Health Dental

The Zsigmondy-Palmer method is a combination of systems developed by two separate dentists: Adolf Zsigmony and Coydon Palmer. Zsigmony developed his system in 1861, while Palmer developed his in 1870. More » Health Dental

Using the Universal Numbering System, read the molar furthest back on the top left hand side of the jaw diagram as number one, then number each tooth on the top of the jaw in ascending order from left to right, according... More » Health Dental

The Universal Numbering System is a form of notation used by dentists to refer to the location of each tooth in a uniform and official capacity. It breaks the mouth into four quadrants, beginning in the upper right and e... More » Health Dental

Seeing a dentist is the most effective way to relieve tooth pain, as dentists treat the underlying cause of the pain. Patients can use over-the-counter medications and home remedies to temporarily relieve tooth pain whil... More » Health Dental

Starting with number one, the maxillary third molar on the right-hand side, dental charts using the universal numbering system increase by one for each tooth around the top of the mouth. The numbering continues with the ... More » Health Dental

Most dentists identify the different teeth using the Universal Numbering System, which assigns a number to each tooth in the mouth. Some orthodontists and oral surgeons instead use the Palmer Notation Method, which divid... More » Health Dental