It is not possible to restore tooth enamel that has been worn away or damaged as it is not living tissue, according to Crest. However, patients may seek tooth bonding or a tooth crown to rebuild tooth structure. More » Health Dental

To restore enamel after tooth erosion, cut down on acidic and sugary foods, chew xylitol gum and brush regularly with fluoride toothpaste. Speak to a dentist about treatments to restore tooth enamel. More »

Once tooth enamel has been eroded, it cannot be restored, but it can be replaced by the use of a bond or an artificial crown covering. Weak enamel may be strengthened by the introduction of certain minerals, including ca... More » Health Dental

Gray teeth can be caused by staining of the tooth enamel, internal damage to the tooth and the use of antibiotics at a young age, according to More and Crest. While staining and antibiotic damage can be reversed using to... More »

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A root canal infection is treated with a root canal procedure, which entails removing damaged pulp and nerve tissue inside the tooth, explains WebMD. Although the root canal procedure is typically considered highly painf... More »