A measuring tool is anything used to take a count of quantitative data, such as weight, length, time or temperature. Rulers and scales are two common types of measuring tools. Measuring tools can be very precise, but low... More » Science Measurements

There are different methods of measuring V-belts that depend on the type of tool being used. To measure a V-belt, the belt first needs to be marked with a start/finish measurement point. A flexible cloth-like tape measur... More » Science Measurements

To use a tape measure, place the hooked end over one end of the object being measured and anchor it in place. Pull the measure across until the desired distance is reached, then read the markings on the tape to see the l... More » Home & Garden Home Maintenance Tools
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The scientific, international standard SI unit for measuring weight is the "Newton." In everyday use, the unit for mass, the pound (lb) or kilogram (kg), is used instead. More » Science Measurements

The newest standard weight chart in use was constructed by analyzing studies and new standards based on data collected by the World Health Organization for infants from birth up to the age of 2 and the Centers for Diseas... More » Science Measurements

Velocity is a vector quantity measured in units of length per time. Using the United States customary unit of measurement, velocity is typically given in miles per hour, commonly abbreviated to "mph." More » Science Measurements

Reading a measuring tape requires a basic understanding of fractions, as the tape is marked into feet, inches, half-inches, quarter-inches, eighth-inches and sixteenth-inches. When reading the tape, think in terms of lar... More » Science Measurements