A measuring tool is anything used to take a count of quantitative data, such as weight, length, time or temperature. Rulers and scales are two common types of measuring tools. Measuring tools can be very precise, but low... More » Science Measurements

Measuring a roller chain is a two-step process which involves first determining the pitch size of the chain's roller pins and then calculating its actual length. The most common measurement system used to determine these... More » Vehicles

To use a tape measure, place the hooked end over one end of the object being measured and anchor it in place. Pull the measure across until the desired distance is reached, then read the markings on the tape to see the l... More » Home & Garden Home Maintenance Tools
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The newest standard weight chart in use was constructed by analyzing studies and new standards based on data collected by the World Health Organization for infants from birth up to the age of 2 and the Centers for Diseas... More » Science Measurements

Velocity is a vector quantity measured in units of length per time. Using the United States customary unit of measurement, velocity is typically given in miles per hour, commonly abbreviated to "mph." More » Science Measurements

The length of time that a helium balloon will float depends on many factors that include inflation level, temperature, size and material of the balloon and if it is sealed with a product like Hi-Float. For example, a lat... More » Science Chemistry

The length of time between preparation and use of vacuum-packed food depends upon pH, nutritional composition, temperature, oxygen, age and condition of the food and moisture content. However, vacuum-packed foods kept at... More » Food Food Storage