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Piercing Pricing - All piercings come with standard jewelry. Gem Upgrade is $10. H2Ocean Aftercare $10. Monroe, Labret, Vertical Labret, & Ashley each $25!


Best Piercing Prices. Best Body Piercers in ... BODY PIERCING PRICES. All Piercings include: ... Ears, Lip, Nose, Tongue, Navel, Eyebrow, Septum. * * * * * * *.


Jun 9, 2016 ... So you want a horizontal tongue piercing? For those that don't know, horizontal tongue piercings are piercings that pass through the tip of the ...


Lip (upper/lower), $40, +, from $45. Tongue, $45, +, from $45 ... Prices include G.S.T and are subject to change without notice. Piercing location isn't listed?


Aug 13, 2009 ... When it comes to body piercing, the formerly fringe procedure that has ... needle that disappeared during a do-it-yourself tongue piercing and ...


We accept the cheapest piercing price in all of the province and best of all, we do it right ... Tongue. $40.00 + taxes. Tragus/Anti-Tragus. $40.00 + taxes. Tapering.


I have a lot of experience since I got my tongue pierced 3 times. Why so often ? Well I started young and then I had to take the piercing out for dental ...


Looking for a body piercing from a professional shop in San Diego? ... All of our custom piercing prices are listed below, prices do include standard surgical steel ... Cyber Bit...


Jul 20, 2020 ... *Genital piercings have to be consulted and agreed with the piercer in advance! **Please note, we change jewellery for FREE only for tongue and ...


10pcs Snake Eyes Tongue Piercing Curved Barbells. Regular price $ 2.99 ... 1pc Internally Threaded Titanium Barbells Tongue / Nipple Ring. From $ 1.85.