Current catalogue Tom Clark gnomes include Draculeah, Akorn, Aunt Potty and Sherwood as of 2015. Among the retired gnomes are Lilibet, Jennie and Olympia. Artist Tom Clark has been creating the gnome figurines since 1978... More »

A price list of all Tom Clark retired gnomes can be found on The Knot Hole Station and TheFind. For the list on TheFind, select "Under $30", "$30-$100" or "Over $100," which displays gnomes priced below $30, from $30 to ... More »

To find the value of vintage Tom Clark gnomes, get them appraised professionally. Price lists on websites selling vintage gnomes also give a general idea of how much they might be worth. More »

The value of a Tom Clark gnome can be found on websites such as, and Each website offers a list of Tom Clark gnomes and provides a search engine to look up specif... More »

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Tom Clark Gnomes are available from popular websites, such as, Etsy and eBay. The gnomes can also be found in specialty collectibles and gifts stores, such as The Knothole Station. More » Hobbies & Games Collecting

Tom Clark figurines are available through Cairn Studio, Replacements Ltd., Elizabeth's Shops and eBay. Clark figurines may be purchased directly through his studio, from direct dealers and through secondary-market websit... More » Hobbies & Games Collecting