The telephone code 866 is a prefix used for toll-free telephone numbers in countries that operate under the North American Numbering Plan, the rules governing the use of area codes. This prefix allows callers to place th... More » Government & Politics Public Records

The toll-free number for US Bank is 1-800-US-BANKS, or 1-800-872-2657, as of November 2015. The number provides access to a variety of banking and financial sales services 24 hours a day. More » Business & Finance Personal Banking Banks

The toll-free number that beneficiaries or their authorized representatives can use to contact Medicare is 1-800-633-4227, as of 2015. Medicare also provides a teletypewriter (TTY) contact number for callers with hearing... More » Government & Politics Social Services

"010" is not a valid area code within the United States because no area codes are permitted to start with "0" under the North American Numbering Plan. However, "010" is an international exit code for phones located in Ja... More »

Canada shares the North American Numbering Plan, a system of geographically assigned area codes, with the United States and Caribbean countries. Because of this, the 011 exit code is not required for calls to all countri... More » Geography Canada

The telephone number for the Poison Center is toll free from anywhere inside the United States and some territories. When someone calls the Poison Center at the 800 number it connects them to their local poison center fo... More » Government & Politics Public Records

There are a number of online resources, including Whitepages, AnyWho and 411, that enable users to find telephone numbers for free. Each of these websites allows users to look up telephone numbers by name and address. Th... More » Government & Politics Public Records