Current topics discussed on "Dr. Phil" are listed on his website's Shows This Week page. Each show's scheduled broadcast date, along with a brief description of the episode, is featured prominently. More » Art & Literature contains information about current, past and upcoming episodes of the "Dr. Phil" television show. Fans can submit queries to both Dr. Phil McGraw and his wife through the Ask Dr. Phil and Ask Robin sections. More » Art & Literature

Four major social media accounts are connected to the "Dr. Phil" television show, including Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Each account has regular updates, as of March 2015. Links to the show's official soc... More » Art & Literature
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Dr. Phil McGraw has been married more than once. He was first married in 1970, but he and his first wife divorced in 1973. He then married his second wife in 1976. More » Art & Literature

Episodes of "Dr. Phil " are free online to watch via an archive located on the Dr. Phil website. Once on the website, click on the Shows and Video tab, and then the Show Archive option appears containing free episodes of... More » Art & Literature

Dr. Phil McGraw has never been divorced. His first marriage to Debbie Higgins McCall ended in an annulment in 1973. McGraw married his second wife, Robin, in 1976, and as of 2015 they are still together. More » Art & Literature

To ask Dr. Phil a question, fill out the provided form on Choose Contact Dr. Phil from the main toolbar, and select Ask Dr. Phil from the drop-down menu. More » Art & Literature