Evidence as of 2015 suggests that chewing tobacco may be safer than cigarettes; however, using any tobacco product poses serious health risks, according to Mayo Clinic. Chewing tobacco contains approximately 30 different... More »

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Tobacco kills about one-half of its users. It is also the leading cause of tobacco-related diseases such as cancer, explains the World Health Organization. Reports show that tobacco use kills almost six million people ev... More »

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Smoking has killed more than 20 million Americans since 1964, while around 8.6 million people are suffering from serious smoking-related illnesses as of 2015. Around 90 percent of lung cancers and 80 percent of chronic o... More »

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As of March 16, 2011, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration advises consumers not to purchase or use Black Ant, a male sexual enhancement product sold online, due to health risks, states the FDA. On April 5, 2012, the FD... More »

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There are no proven health risks for saccharin or other artificial sweeteners, states Mayo Clinic. Although studies conducted in the 1970s seemed to indicate a link between saccharin consumption and bladder cancer, subse... More »

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Remove chewing gum from washable clothing by freezing the garment, scraping away the gum and dissolving any remaining gum with a laundry prewash product before washing. The process requires about an hour in the freezer a... More »

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While sugared chewing gum is bad for both health and teeth, sugar-free chewing gum has been shown to help clean teeth, reduce appetite and even stimulate brain activity. Chewing sugar-free gum causes the mouth to salivat... More »

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