Wake up early by arranging to see some morning sunlight. Other methods include getting some exercise, allowing your mind and body to be aware that you need to get up early in the morning, avoiding the snooze button on yo... More »

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The most common reason for morning headaches is sleep disorders, according to the American Headache Society, and headache sufferers have a greater propensity for sleep disorders. Too little or too much sleep, obstructive... More »

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Stretching after sleep helps to realign muscles and sends a signal to the brain that it's time to start using the muscles again. Blood flow decreases in muscles in a state of relaxation, and stretching upon waking increa... More »

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Some good tips for planting pansies include using well-drained soil, placing them in a spot with plenty of bright morning sunlight, and giving them plenty of space to grow. Once planted, the flowers need regular watering... More »

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The water lily, or nymphaea, is a perennial plant that blooms from June to September, when it opens in the morning sunlight and closes in the late afternoon or evening. It is a notably fragrant flower that goes dormant d... More »

Direct morning sunlight is a primary factory in attracting bats to a roost site. The availability of water and the quality and content of the surrounding habitat also play a role. More »

Testing blood sugar levels helps manage diabetes by giving the health care provider an idea about how a person's specific diabetes care plan is working, states the American Diabetes Association. Knowing how the body is h... More »

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