TiVo operates as a digital video recorder that includes a hard drive and a video encoder to record television signals into data that can be stored and later watched. A TiVo also requires a CableCARD that connects a digit... More » Art & Literature

Roku streaming media players do not require a cable subscription to function; however, many cable companies and cable network channels have apps available that allow authorized subscribers to stream content with Roku dev... More » Technology Television & Video

Wireless cable TV transmitters consist of at least two parts, the first being a transmitter connected to the programming source that sends a signal containing the broadcast to one or more receivers attached to television... More » Technology Television & Video
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TiVo is a home digital video recorder. As of October 2014, TiVo allows users to record up to six shows at once and holds up to 3,000 hours of recording. TiVo integrates with digital cable, Verizon FiOS and HD antenna, an... More » Technology Television & Video

In 2014, TiVo released the Roamio OTA, which is a unit that specifically targets the consumers without cable subscriptions, but requires a monthly service to use. Customers who want to have the same capabilities as TiVo ... More » Technology Television & Video

Features of DVDFab DVD Copy include copying DVDs to either a blank DVD disk or a hard drive. DVDFab offers multiple products, and features vary depending on the product. A full list of products and features is available ... More » Art & Literature

A 1TB hard drive is a disk drive that can hold 1 terabyte of data. The first 1TB hard drive was the Deskstar 7K1000, which was produced in 2007 by Hitachi Global Storage Technologies and sold for $399. More » Technology Digital Storage