A tire calculator can be used to determine the height, sidewall thickness, circumference and revolutions per mile of any tire by typing the tire's size rating in. The size rating is a number following the format 285/75R1... More »

Many automotive websites provide tire sizes in inches, including,, and Most sites also have tires listed for purchase that meet required measurements. With Tire-Siz... More »

A thread pitch diameter calculator calculates the diameter of a screw, at which the width of the thread running in a helix along the screw and the width of the spaces between threads are equal. This diameter is one of th... More »

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The exact size, type and rating for a tire is listed on that tire's sidewall, according to, and, as notes, in the owner's manual. These are used to find an exact match or similar tires. More »

The number of revolutions a tire makes in 1 mile depends on the circumference of the tire. To find the tire circumference, which is the distance traveled in one revolution, multiply the tire diameter in inches (measured ... More »

Tire size dimensions are a series of letters and numbers on the sidewall of tires that indicate the tire size, type of tire and the performance rating. The dimensions and rating are important to know in order to ensure t... More »

To determine a passenger tire's load rating, check the tire’s sidewall, and find the load range code next to the tire size. The minimum range is 71, or a load rating of 761 pounds, whereas the maximum range is 110, or a ... More »