Many people use journaling as a way to detail their innermost thoughts and ideas that they do not feel comfortable sharing with other people. Sometimes people just write down what they are feeling at the moment. More » Education Writing

Some tips for keeping a journal include setting aside a set, manageable amount of time for writing such as 10 minutes, opting for a paper medium as opposed to a screen and being experimental with content. Entering a ju... More » Education Writing

Some tips for journal writing include writing about what's happening in your life at that moment, trying stream of consciousness, making a gratitude list and maintaining a log of successes in daily life. Online resources... More » Education Writing

Personal journal entries may explain a variety of thoughts surrounding events and everyday life. An example from shows a person's thoughts in the lead-up to Thanksgiving, including her nervousness at the thou... More » Education Writing notes that messages in a sympathy card may include phrases such as "You are in my thoughts," "My sincerest sympathy," "Sent with love and remembrance," "Peace, Prayers, and Blessings" and "May your h... More »

Journal prompts can be based on any topic that inspires a student to write when he is stuck for ideas. Personal fears, accomplishments or memories are generally very productive types of prompts. Plans for the future, or ... More » Education Writing

Some places to find ideas for creative journal entries include and As of 2015, these ideas are available online to use for free. More » Education Writing