Forbes' online magazine provides tips on how to sell a house quickly as of 2015. Fox News also offers advice on staging a house to sell it quickly. More » Business & Finance Real Estate

To sell your house quickly, price it appropriately, make it attractive in appearance, and make the necessary repairs to the home's interior and exterior. In addition, be easily available to show the house to prospective ... More » Business & Finance Real Estate

To sell your home quickly, consider taking steps to make the house stand out from others in the area, recommends Forbes. Practical additions such as a new roof, improved windows or attractive landscaping can attract pote... More » Business & Finance Real Estate

Tips for selling your house include setting the right price, increasing the curb appeal, updating the interior and exterior, and cleaning the house. Be flexible about viewing hours to ensure that as many people as possib... More »

One of the most important things a homeowner can do to create a quick sale is make the exterior and interior of the property look as visually appealing as possible. When a potential buyer pulls up, he experiences a first... More » Business & Finance Real Estate

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Common design ideas for a pool house often include a bathroom and kitchen, which tends to make the building project expensive. A common alternative to a pool house plan with a bathroom and kitchen is a cabana, which is a... More » Business & Finance Real Estate