Spending an hour before bed decompressing from work and other sources of stress, taking a warm bath or shower and refraining from going to bed until ready for sleep can help people fall asleep, suggests the Huffington Po... More »

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Some tips for falling asleep more quickly include allowing extra time to unwind before bed, listening to calm music while dozing off, maintaining a regular sleep schedule with a routine bedtime and waking time, and keepi... More »

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To help teenagers get the recommended nine to ten hours of sleep each night, ensure that loud music and stimulating activities are avoided in the evenings in order to help the mind relax. Other helpful suggestions includ... More »

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Some tricks to help someone fall asleep are turning off all lights, sticking to a regular sleep schedule, practicing relaxation techniques, and avoiding caffeine and alcohol before sleep, according to Helpguide.org. In o... More »

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Natural treatments for tremors include avoiding stress, reducing caffeine, getting enough sleep, quitting alcohol, and switching or stopping medications that cause tremors, according to MedlinePlus. A treatment approach ... More »

Some reasons to see a chiropractor include to ease pain, reduce stress, improve sleep and reduce medication dependence, according to LenSaunders.com. Chiropractic care also encourages physical activity and reduces the ri... More »

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Causes of a pulsating eye include eye infections or irritation, lack of sleep and fatigue and stress, Healthline states. In most cases, eyelid pulsation does not indicate that there is a serious underlying disorder. More »