The best tips to make your hair grow include living a healthy life, keeping hair in good condition and massaging the scalp during each shampooing. The rate at which hair grows is purely genetic; however, individuals can ... More » Beauty & Fashion Hair

There are many ways to make a person's hair grow faster, including trimming damaged hair, eating food that promotes hair growth, avoiding heat styling and going longer in between shampoo washes. It can also help hair to ... More » Beauty & Fashion Hair

A 1928 study found that there is no evidence that shaving accelerates the rate of hair growth. This directly compared the rate of hair regrowth among shavers and those that let their hair grow naturally. More » Beauty & Fashion Hair Removal Shaving
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Making hair grow more quickly involves keeping it healthy by trimming it to get rid of split ends, eating protein, massaging the scalp, and treating it with apple cider vinegar. When massaging the scalp, using warm oil c... More » Beauty & Fashion Hair

Some tips on growing long hair include: conditioning when shampooing, but not shampooing with each shower; applying a hair treatment weekly; and, taking supplements for hair growth, advises Cosmopolitan. Avoid a cotton p... More » Beauty & Fashion Hair

To stop thinning hair, start with a volumizing shampoo, tea tree oil to condition the scalp and minoxildil to promote hair growth. Blot hair dry gently, take B vitamins, and consider a prescription for Propecia. More » Beauty & Fashion Hair

Trimming hair regularly, massaging the scalp, avoiding washing hair daily, eating healthfully and handling the hair with care contributes to hair growth. Hair products such as deep conditioning treatments, heat protectan... More » Beauty & Fashion Hair