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The easiest way of making your own crossword puzzle is to use one of the many crossword-generating programs available on the web. However, it can be also done manually with grid paper, a pencil, an eraser and lots of patience. The hardest part in either case, is coming up with your own clues and ans


Crossword Compiler is a software program created and published by WordWeb Software. It allows users to create crossword puzzles, word searches and other games for both printing and for online use.


About.com's Puzzles page contains more than 1,500 archived "New York Times" Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday crossword puzzles. Each puzzle can be printed or solved online using a Java application.


While there are programs and websites that can easily help solve different crossword clues, there are several basic steps that can be followed to aid in understanding and solving them. It is important, however, to choose the right crossword puzzle difficulty level, especially for those just starting


The answers to the online version of USA Today's crossword puzzle are embedded right in the puzzle on the newspaper's website. The toolbar at the top of the page provides help by revealing letters, words or the entire puzzle. Answers to previously published puzzles are also available on the newspape


The answers to the USA Today crossword puzzle can be found on their website, puzzles.usatoday.com. The site allows you to play the crossword puzzle contained in the print version online. The answers can be found by clicking "Solve" from the drop down menu and choosing "Solve Puzzle."


An easy printable crossword is a beginner-level crossword puzzle that can be printed out onto paper. Some sites that offer easy printable crosswords include Free Daily Crosswords and About.com. Both sites feature a selection of crosswords that users can download and print for free.


Complete chemical bonding crosswords by filling in the boxes with words based on crossword clues similarly to how you would with normal crossword puzzles. Chemical bonding crosswords involve educational clues dealing with ions, subatomic particles, molecules, electron sharing, charges and atomic the


The New York Times does not publish answers to its crosswords. However, several bloggers have taken it upon themselves to solve each puzzle and publish online, including Rex Parker and William Ernest Parker


To make a Christmas card crossword puzzle, you could use a website that generates crossword puzzles. You could then download the puzzle, print it and paste it on the outside of your Christmas card.