Time Warner Cable's most basic plan, Starter TV, comes with at least 20 channels that vary depending on the service area. The Starter TV plan also comes with access to Time Warner's online streaming service, TWC TV and P... More »

Time Warner Cable in New York offers TV, Internet, phone and home security packages. The company also provides an exclusive local news channel for New York. More »

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The Time Warner Cable channel number that corresponds to History is different for each region that Time Warner Cable services. Like most cable companies, Time Warner Cable channel maps and broadcasts network's programmin... More »

Time Warner Cable sells basic cable options. The Basic cable plan offered by Time Warner Cable is called "standard TV" and costs $39.99 a month. More »

As of July 2015, the Rogers basic cable package includes a minimum of 180 channels, including a variety of news, music, family, sports and entertainment programs. These channels are a mix of network TV and specialty chan... More »

AT&T, Xfinity, and Time Warner Cable are some well-known cable service providers in the United States. These providers typically provide basic cable services packaged with other digital services. More »

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Verizon's FiOS TV Local package is most comparable to basic cable packages and provides approximately the same number of channels. As of 2015, FiOS TV Local provides 20 or more channels, according to Verizon's website. T... More »

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