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Time Demographics in Asia. The circulation of Time in Asia is estimated to be above 200,000 on an annual basis. 4 out of 5 readers of this magazine in Asia are men. 47% of the audience in Asia for Time is under the age of 45. 87% say that they are decision-makers within their business or career.


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TIME Magazine's target audience is made up of 25 million readers worldwide, with 20 million of that number living in the United States. Henry Luce and Briton Hadden, who founded TIME Magazine, initially wanted to call the publication "Facts" to underscore the idea of brevity.


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T he 2018-2019 flu season may not have been as severe as the one that came before it, but it set a record of its own, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) say.It was the longest in ...


TIME magazine advertising resource. TIME Franchise; EQUALITY + THE MARCH. Timed to the launch of The March, our groundbreaking VR experience recreating MLK’s “I Have a Dream” speech, this special report explores themes behind The March project asking ‘What will you march for?’


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At a time when many are saying that print as a medium is dying or dead, People Magazine is bucking that trend. In 2011, this publication had nearly $1 billion in advertising revenue. By understanding the demographics of this magazine, any brand can begin to learn how to establish themselves within their core markets just as effectively.


The target audiences of TIME Magazine are educated people around the world. Started in 1923 in New York, the USA, it is a well know magazine and is often quoted by many in other publications, reports and presentation. Most Universities, Libraries,...