Match colored tights to a dress, shoes or accessories, or pick a color that does not match to add an updated look to an outfit. Patterned tights are worn with dresses that are one solid color, while patterned dresses are... More »

A tight end is an offensive position in American football that works as either an extra blocker or an extra receiver on a given play. Tight ends typically have both receiver and lineman attributes, and some teams use the... More »

Tights can be worn with skirts, dresses, dress shorts or dress slacks. They can be worn to add style or glamour to an outfit or as a practical substitution for pantyhose. More » Beauty & Fashion Clothing Pants

To get the Bohemian chic look, focus on warm and rich color combinations, added layers of clothing and accessories and a mixed fit of loose and slim-fitting pieces. Complete the look with vibrant accessories. More » Beauty & Fashion Clothing

To dress grunge, wear predominantly dark colors and add denim, leggings and tights with dark patterns, flannel shirts, and leather to your wardrobe. The grunge style is characterized by any combination of clothes that is... More » Beauty & Fashion Clothing

Punk fashion for girls includes miniskirts, fishnet tights, stiletto heels or boots, animal prints and bold jewelry. Guys often wear leather jackets with spiked studs, fitted pants, tank tops, steel-toe combat boots and ... More »

An upscale casual dress code for men is generally considered an outfit that is nicer and a little more formal than typical business casual attire. Examples of an upscale casual wardrobe for a man includes a sport coat or... More »