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Tie Rod Tool Set by Lisle®. Many inner tie rod end sockets do not have a complete hex on the full length of the socket. The rounded socket ends prevent access to the wrench flats. This tool utilizes six crows feet, to engage the wrench...


A Tie Rod End Replacement costs between $86.64 and $307.01 on average. Get an instant estimate for your car and book a certified mechanic to perform the service at your office, or wherever your fleet may go.


Even though front end work may become quite frequent as a vehicle ages, tie rod replacement is not an expensive repair. Most tie rods will cost between $40 and $120 with inner tie rods more expensive than outers.


Worn tie rods produce noise, tire wear and a loose feeling steering. This is because the ball and stud have worn and slack and looseness is affecting its performance. This looseness can affect either the inner or the outer tie rod ends. This results in vehicle wander and constant correction of the wheel to keep the vehicle in a straight line.


Inner tie rods don't typically need to be serviced. They're usually only replaced after a traffic accident or other physical damage, or when the outer tie rod end fails and damages it. When the outer tie rod end allows the wheel play, it acts as a hammer and chisel, slowing destroying the inner tie rod end ball-in-socket.


An inner tie rod contains the tie rod shaft and the inner tie rod end. The tie rod end connects to the steering rack. The ball and socket design of the inner tie rod end allows up and down and slight side to side movement. The inner tie rod end is protected from the element by a pleated rubber boot at the rack and pinion gear.


Item #: ME180-TR - Tie rod end repair kit, both ends, 1/2 or 3/4 ton, works for Chevy or GMC trucks more details » List Price: $42.14 Sale Price: $29.49 each


A BMW E46 tie rod repair and boot replacement will help fix alignment issues, front end shake and unevenly worn tires. Let’s face it…your BMW E46 3 series front suspension takes a beating. Unless you are a tea toddling Sunday driver, you most likely have put a lot of stress on your frame and suspension components over the years, especially ...


Tie Rod End - This Tie Rod End is 22.500 Inches from the center of the ball joint to the end of the rod. The Rod is 1.116 inches in diameter. The Rod is 1.116 inches in diameter. Used on (4640 Serial number below 2436 WITH POWER FRONT AXLES), 3630, 4040, 4230, 4250, 4430, 4440 ALL WITH MFWD.


Marketing Group: Tie Rod End Type: 1 Large Taper Diameter: 1.102 in. Rod Thread Diameter: 1.125 in. Rod Threads per Inch: 12 Rod Thread Direction: LH VMRS Code: 011-001-031 Notes: Zerk on bottom Small Taper Diameter: 0.967 in. Stud Center to Rod End: 5.44 in. Stud Thread Diameter: 0.875 in. Stud Threads per Inch: 14 Style: Roadside