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To tie a tie with the Half Windsor knot, arrange the tie, get the knot ready, and then complete the knot and tighten it. This method is best used with ties of a light to medium thickness.


One of the easiest ways to tie a tie is by using the four-in-hand knot. The four-in-hand knot contains the fewest amount of steps involved compared to other tying options.


Styles vary regarding the length of a tie, but typically, the tie should hang at the belt buckle. The widest part of the tie should hang at the top of the belt, and the pointed end should hang below it.


A rod is 16.5 feet long. When farmers first fenced off the American prairie, they placed posts a rod apart. This was a good distance to hold up a wired fence, and it also made estimating the number of posts a farmer needed easier.


A thrown rod is usually the result of metal fatigue, insufficient lubrication or over-revving of an engine. When gasoline combusts in a cylinder, it drives the piston head downward, pushing the connecting rod and turning the crankshaft. If the metal is weakened, the connecting rod between the head a


It is not possible for the Super Bowl to end in a tie. The NFL has long had what is known as a "sudden death" overtime period to determine the winner of a postseason game, which includes the Super Bowl.


The phrase "Spare the rod, spoil the child," refers to raising children without corporal punishment. There are myriad ways to raise well-adjusted children without using corporal punishment ? or without any punishment at all. It is no longer considered necessary to hit or spank children to discipline


A glass stirring rod is a common piece of lab equipment used to mix or stir liquids and chemicals. These rods are thicker than a typical drinking straw, have rounded ends and are made from a special type of laboratory glassware called borosilicate. This glass is less affected by thermal stress and h


The hot-rod market segment is resilient and consistently healthy, according to the Specialty Equipment Market Association. The market consists of automotive aftermarket and performance part retailers and promotions from car shows and competitive racing events.


Clean a tie by pretreating it with an appropriate solution, hand washing the tie, and then ironing it at the correct temperature. If your tie is made of silk, have it cleaned professionally.