Throbbing pain in the armpit may be a result of injury, inflammation, pulled muscles and pinched nerves. Swollen lymph nodes may also cause pain in the armpit, according to WebMd. More » Health Pain & Symptoms

A throbbing knee pain is a common condition that can be caused by runner's knee, meniscus tears and torn or swollen ligaments, as stated by WebMD. This condition is common among athletes. There are also other conditions ... More » Health Pain & Symptoms

Severe pain in the big toe is the most common symptom of gout. According to WebMD, gout may cause joints to become very tender and painful to the touch. More » Health Pain & Symptoms
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Rotator cuff tendinitis, an injury, a heart attack, a broken shoulder bone and certain diseases can cause shoulder pain, according to Healthline. An overuse injury, a sports injury, nerve entrapment, a bone fracture and ... More » Health Pain & Symptoms

Common problems of pain in the left hand can indicate injury, as in a fracture; nerve problems, as in carpel tunnel syndrome; or inflammation, as in tendinitis, according to WebMD. Although these conditions all exhibit h... More » Health Pain & Symptoms

Numbness in the toes can be caused by nerve damage, injury to the foot or be a result of poor circulation due to diseases such as peripheral vascular disease or diabetes; low back pain associated with radiculopathy or pi... More » Health Pain & Symptoms

Groin pain in men is often a result of injury or a pulled muscle due to sports, according to Mayo Clinic. Less common causes include kidney stones and diseases such as epididymitis and hydrocele. More » Health Pain & Symptoms