A throbbing knee pain is a common condition that can be caused by runner's knee, meniscus tears and torn or swollen ligaments, as stated by WebMD. This condition is common among athletes. There are also other conditions ... More » Health Pain & Symptoms

Throbbing headaches can be caused by hangover, migraine headaches and caffeine withdrawal. The person may also feel a throbbing headache if he or she has stress or sinusitis. It is usually characterized by a feeling of p... More » Health Pain & Symptoms

Throbbing pain in the armpit may be a result of injury, inflammation, pulled muscles and pinched nerves. Swollen lymph nodes may also cause pain in the armpit, according to WebMd. More » Health Pain & Symptoms
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Knee and hip pain are both commonly caused by arthritis and injuries related to over-exercising and sports, such as tendon inflammation, cartilage tears and sprained ligaments, according to WebMD and Healthline. Knee and... More » Health Pain & Symptoms

Knee pain is a widespread ailment, and the most common causes of knee pain are swollen or torn ligaments, runner’s knee or cartilage tears, says WebMD. Many other health issues or injuries can contribute to knee pain. More » Health Pain & Symptoms

The most common causes of pain in the knee include cartilage tears, sprained ligaments, runner's knee and tendonitis, according to WebMD. Other conditions that may cause knee pain include bursitis, Osgood-Schlatter disea... More » Health Pain & Symptoms

An inflamed pancreas, a condition known as pancreatitis, is treated with IV pain medications, diet changes and removal of the underlying cause, as stated by WebMD. Pancreatitis that occurs suddenly and for a short time i... More » Health Pain & Symptoms