The smallest three-point hitch is a category 0 and has 5/8-inch diameter upper and lower link holes and a 20-inch separation between lower link holes. It's designed for use on a 20-horsepower tractor. Three-point hitches... More » Business & Finance Industries Agriculture

To build a three-point hitch, affix two hydraulic pistons to the engine block of a tractor, attach two cylinder-shaped metal bars to the tractor's inner clamps, and attach two flat metal bars to the vehicle's rear axle. ... More » Vehicles Car Parts & Maintenance

The three-point hitch on a tractor uses one upper and two lower connection points, providing a stable way to attach equipment to the rear of the tractor. The two lower connection points include hydraulic cylinders that r... More » Home & Garden Home Maintenance Tools
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Three-point potato diggers attach to the rear of a tractor with a three-point hitch and dig up potatoes, and other root vegetables, while simultaneously removing dirt from a crop. A cutting blade enters the earth under p... More » Business & Finance Industries Agriculture

Mowers, snow blowers, blades, rakes and attachments for lifting-style accessories such as forks, buckets and bale spears are some popular three-point hitch accessories. Some accessories are designed for small garden trac... More » Business & Finance Industries Agriculture

Different types of wagon-running gear available from Knowles Manufacturing includes medium-weight running gear with 72-inch tread width for hauling over rough terrain; farm wagon-running gear with an adjustable-length re... More » Business & Finance Industries Agriculture

The Axial-Flow 5140 farming combine features a six-cylinder Case IH FPT engine, a dual speed optional feeder, and a standard grain tank capacity of 250 bushels. These specifications are similar to the more powerful John ... More » Business & Finance Industries Agriculture