A healthy weight-management program combines exercise, nutrition and positive lifestyle changes, according to ACE Fit. Following recommended dietary guidelines, establishing healthy support structures and developing a ro... More »

Weight Watchers meetings can provide an important source of emotional support and encouragement while dieting, as well as information on nutrition and exercise, healthy cooking and supporting lifestyle skills. The weekly... More »

The Curves six-week solution is a six-week fitness and nutrition program designed to initialize weight loss and teach and motivate participants to live a healthy lifestyle. The program includes seven thirty-minute fitnes... More »

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To lose weight in five days, an individual should be careful about what they drink, make some dietary changes, stop overeating, exercise and avoid eating junk food. These things can help ensure that weight is lost modera... More »

The Weight Watchers PointsPlus program takes in to account all of the nutrition information, not just the calories, of a food when assigning a points value. This newer system factors in the fat, fiber, protein and carboh... More »

Popular Pakistani singer and musician Adnan Sami lost over 250 pounds through a strict diet and exercise program with the help of a private nutritionist in Houston and private trainer Pashant Sawant in Mumbai. Sami had p... More »

The Mayo Clinic advises a person trying to lose weight quickly to follow a diet and exercise program where he aims to lose 1 to 2 pounds per week by burning 500 calories more per day than he consumes. Such a diet involve... More »