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For all gauges also measuring reports can be ordered. ➀ Inspection report ( German) per gauge. Stating of product specifications, measured values.


A.C.T. ALWAYS PRECISE. Standard Pitch Diameter Chart. 16. Plug Thread Gages. NOMINAL SIZE. UNIFIED PITCH DIAMETERS. CL. 2B CL. 3B. #0 - 80 UNF.


KATO offers two types of STI Thread Plug Gages (for unified sizes): · Features & Benefits · Part Numbers · Specifications · Cross Reference .....


ISO Metric Gauges are most commonly used Gauges in the Industry. · Specification : · ISO standard : · Recommended Tolerance classes for Internal Threads (Plu...


4.2.1 NOT GO (HI) Thread Plug Gages – Purpose and Use. “NOT GO (HI) ... metric threads. SUBJECT: CLARIFICATION OF ANSI / ASME SPECIFICATIONS AS.


Go and NoGo Ring and Plug Gages are the most common type screw thread ... Reference changes to MIL-S-8879 go to SPECS ON THREAD GAGES page ...


Thread Plug Gages also referred to as Thread Plug Gauges are used to check ... specifications to provide maximum wearability; Final inspection of thread ring ...


OSG offers thread gauge calibration services at a fee. When specifications are clear, thread gauges from other manufacturers can be calibrated as well. Contact  ...


GO/NO GO Thread Plug Gauge GO/NO GO Thread Ring Gauge. Thread Pitch Diameter Comparator. Thread Length Measuring Gauge ... Product. Specification .


5B and Specification 7. Fixed Limit Thread Gages. A Go thread plug gage inspects the minimum major diameter and the minimum pitch diameter size in a threaded ...