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This is a list of political parties in the United States, both past and present. It does not include independents Active parties Major parties. Party Ideology ... Third Parties in American Politics. Ness, Immanuel; Ciment, James (2000). The Encyclopedia of Third Parties in America. Armonk, NY, U.S.A.: Sharpe Reference.


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Third Parties in American Politics. The electoral system in the United States works against a proliferation of political parties. This fact has not prevented minor parties or independents from running for office at the local, state, and national levels, however. In the 1992 national election, for example, 23 candidates ran for president.


Third parties have an interesting history in American politics. Historically, every major party started out as some sort of underdog and rose to the top of the heap. Today, we have more choices than ever when we go to the ballot box, which brings up the question: which third party fits you best? Well, if you want to vote for a winning candidate, probably none of them. But their success in ...


Although American politics have been dominated by the two-party system, several other political parties have also emerged throughout the country's history. The oldest third party was the Anti-Masonic Party, which was formed in upstate New York in 1828.


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While their candidates for President of the United States and Congress have little chance of being elected, America’s third political parties have historically played a major role in bringing about sweeping social, cultural, and political reform.


Obstacles Third Parties Face. In fact, American voters have not elected a third party president since Abraham Lincoln when the then-minority Republican Party beat the Whigs and the Democrats in ...


In any case "third" is often used figuratively, as in "the third parties", where the intent, literally stated, is "the third and succeeding parties". For instance, in the United Kingdom a third party is a national political party, other than the Conservatives and Labour, which has at least one member in the House of Commons.


Third Parties in America: Why They Fail W e talk as though the United States has only two political parties, but of course there are always dozens of other parties that put up candidates for whom ...