One idea for a good third-grade science project is to test how smell affects taste by having 15 volunteers taste various pieces of fruit. For the first round, they'll be blindfolded, the second round they'll have their n... More »

There are numerous third-grade science games that can help kids learn facts and understand how science works. These science games can be played as a board game, done as a class activity or played online. More »

To create a third-grade science journal for students, make a template that students will use to write and draw about their experiences and observations each time they complete a science task or experiment. The template s... More »

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Some second grade science project ideas include a leaf display, terrarium and nature portrait. These projects include the use of items found in nature that students in second grade learn about. More »

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According to, exploring how long it takes for drinks to stain a person's teeth is a good science project idea. Testing the relationship between a person's eye color and sight is another good idea for a sevent... More »